03 December 2010

Keep kids Safe Around Home Appliances!

A youngster had a lucky escape this week after becoming stuck inside a washing machine!

The three-year-old boy, called Chaofan, got himself wedged in the drum of his family’s washing machine, using it as a hiding place while playing hide-and-seek with his mother in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Northern China.

Chaofan’s legs became tightly caught in the machine’s drum, trapping him for over an hour until firefighters with emergency services freed him using a circular saw – in itself an operation fraught with peril as the blade was cutting just inches from his legs.

The story was covered by local television

Now, at 0800 Repair, we’ve never been called out for this kind of emergency thankfully, but it is worth discussing. Wherever possible, you should secure your appliances from young fingers. Washers, cookers, fridges and even vacuum cleaners can be hazardous.

Take a few simple measures to protect your family. Pick up some child locks and plug guards. Never leave heat-based small appliances – kettles, irons, etc – unattended and ensure that flexes aren’t left dangling. Cordless appliances are always a good idea around kids, but even then, check they aren’t left near the edges of work surfaces.

Vacuum cleaners can be more dangerous than you might think, with spinning parts and suction that can trap small fingers. Don’t leave them within reach.

Make doubly sure that no one has stashed toys inside appliances before use – that can be a very expensive repair – and keep a close eye on gas switches to make sure no small people turn them on without a pilot light.

Most importantly, take children with you if you have to leave the room and ensure appliances are regularly checked for safety. If you need a safety check on any household appliance, or have any worries relating to your home appliances, you can call us here at 0800 Repair on 0800 737 247, or why not chat with us online at www.0800repair.com?

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