14 March 2011

Fined £200 – for vacuuming and washing!

It all sounds a bit unfair; a Staffordshire woman has been fined £200 for keeping her home clean. Mind you, ‘sound’ appears to have been exactly the problem – she’s been doing her chores at 4.30 in the morning!

Sleepless neighbours in Stafford complained to environmental and health services about Jemma McCormick, who would start her washing machine and fire up the vacuum cleaner before the crack of dawn.

In court, a Stafford Borough Council officer reported that when he attended, at 6.30am, the noise was loud enough through a neighbouring wall that he had raise his voice to be heard.

After breaching two noise abatement orders, McCormick was fined and ordered to pay costs. She has said that in mitigation that she suffers from OCD, and will shortly be moving – to a detached house!

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