20 December 2010

Delivery driver held hostage over faulty cooker – by Pensioner!

A furious pensioner held a female delivery driver hostage for more than two hours after being pushed ‘driven him round the twist’ by faulty cookers!

Ivan Langley, 72, finally lost his patience after receiving his THIRD imperfect Hotpoint cooker from the manufacturer.

The first two cookers were faulty on delivery, one blowing Mr Langley’s electrics, but when the company then sent him a dented cooker, telling him a fourth would not be available until the following week, Mr Langley, a disabled ex-lorry driver, saw red, locking delivery driver Anna Hawes in his house and insisting she would not be freed her until an acceptable unit was sent.

Police officers were alerted and attended the Newton Flotman bungalow to negotiate Ms Hawes’ release.

Mr Langley, who also has a disabled wife, was neither arrested nor charged over Tuesday’s incident. A spokesman for Hotpoint, owned by Italian company Indesit, said they apologised over the incident and vowed to fix the problem quickly.

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Now, we’ve heard of some fairly incensed appliance owners over the years, but the above incident surely takes the prize for most decisive action. If you have an appliance problem, don’t get angry, don’t get even, just get on the phone and call us – 0800 747 247!

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