01 April 2011

Clean up your electrical act – and stay safe

The Electrical Safety Council has announced that over half of all accidental fires in UK homes –more than 20,000 per year – are caused by people’s casual attitude to electrical safety and misuse of electrical appliances. Of those, almost 13,000 fires each year occur due to either misuse of, or faults with, electrical cooking appliances.

The leading safety charity, in consultation with fire and rescue professionals, has determined that
“… a considerable number of kitchen fires occur through a casual attitude to cleaning and safety in kitchens…” The ESC believes that over a quarter of British homeowners suspect that they are currently living with at least one faulty electrical appliance.

So, now you’re sufficiently worried, what to do next? Well, it should be easy to avoid being one of the ESC’s statistics. Get out the cleaning gear and degrease, de-grunge and de-grime your cookers, microwaves etc – make sure they’re safely unplugged first – and check for frayed flexes and cables while you’re doing it.

The other wise move; keep flammable items away from sources of heat, so no drying your knickers over the cooker anymore, OK? Other than that, if you suspect you’re one of the aforementioned quarter of Britons with a dodgy appliance, either get rid of it, or call in (ahem) the experts!

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