Technika TV Repairs

tv-audio-iconA Technika LCD television is a highly prized item in many homes, letting all the family experience their favourite programmes in amazing quality. In fact, it's probably such an integral part of the household that you've never thought what might happen should it break down. Family members will no doubt miss being able to watch their favourite shows of course – but if its guarantee has run out, would you be able to have it repaired and avoid the potentially huge cost of buying a new one?


After all, the technology that helps make a Technika LCD TV such a pleasure to own and watch is pretty complex, so it’ll take someone with appropriate, specialist knowledge to fix it. Before you start investigating the cost of a new one, make sure you call 0800 REPAIR first. We can have a team of expert engineers who are highly experienced in carrying out Technika LCD TV repairs. A courier will come and collect your television and then it will be repaired in our specially designed, TV repair centre.

When you think how much you paid for your Technika LCD TV, you want it to give you many years’ faithful service. By making a free call to us at 0800 REPAIR, you’ll be getting access to someone who could make sure that it continues to do just that.

Types of repairs we undertake on Televisions:

  • Screen Fault
  • Remote Problems
  • Electronic Failure
  • Tuning Issues
  • Sound Faults
  • Same day response
  • Fixed price labour
  • Repairs fully guaranteed & insured
  • 24hr UK call centre
  • Access to all manufacturers parts
  • Part of Pacifica Group with 27 years experience